Astrud - You Told Me to Get a Job Part 1

8:34 video

ChromeB had been pushing and pushing for Astrud to seek some kind of regular job for some time now. You know, contribute her fair share, give back to society and all that. What he did not have in mind was for her to get a job at a certain restaurant. Being the jealous type that he is, he didn't want a bunch of strange men oogling and pawing at his girl. He tried to explain to her that she needed to get a real job. She argured back that that's exactly what she'd done! But he wasn't having it. He was going to have to sabotage her chances of keeping that job by... compelling her to miss her first day of work.
Astrud didn't agree to that of course, but suffice it to say he's quicker and stronger than she is. When next we see her she's being lead back in, a little more submissive with her wrists bound, but no less defiant. She demands that he let her go and that she doesn't want to go along with his suggstion that she take some time to think about this decision. Sooooo he stuffs a thick wad of cloth in her mouth and tapes it shut. No less quiet, but a WHOLE lot more muffled. Astrud tries to make a run for it, but she's caught, carried back, and deposited on the couch. That's when he realizes that he's going to need to make things a little [lot?] more secure. The whole time he's tying her she's whining and fussing, begging for him to let her go. Whine, whine whine. But she's got a stubborn streak to her. Even with her body bound tight and her mouth stuffed and muffled, Astrud makes another attempt to run. So rude...

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